Road Building

We are highly efficient at making temporary or permanent roads through and onto your land. This can be something we do while we are logging your property or separately depending on your need.

Building an access road in a forested area used to mean making a wide right-of-way (ROW) and trucking in significant amounts of sand and gravel in order to build a permanent road to carry heavy equipment in and out of the property.

But that was before employees at NW Logging Company adopted an innovative way to make access roads that are temporary, and therefore have much less impact on the background or environment. The key came from the very trees that are cleared to build the ROW; the resolution was mulch.

The NW Logging Company team partnered with internal and external stakeholders to trial the minimal disturbance technique for access roads in the Pacific Northwest.

Reducing the size of the ROW by 50 per cent conserved plant and wildlife habitat. And instead of burning the dissipate wood from clearing the ROW, the wood was turned into mulch and layered on top of the much smaller right-of-way (any merchantable wood from clearing the ROW is sold).

When the access road is no longer required, the mulch is collected and reused on a further project.

NW Logging Company was so pleased with the results of the initial trials that the company expanded the trial program to a trial of other project sites, with fantastic success. Wherever possible, the company plans to use the minimal disturbance technique to build its access roads.

NW Logging Company is always looking for innovative ways to improve environmental sustainability and shift how it works with stakeholders, including government. The company maintains that solutions don’t have to be complicated; they just take ingenuity and a positive attitude coupled with smart and committed employees dedicated to doing the right thing.